I want to buy 18th century looking stationery because I'm going to start using wax letter seals and quill pens for correspondence. Does anyone know of any websites that I can buy the stationery from? A plain antique looking style would be best. Thanks!

try this site.

You might also look into handmade paper or making your own paper. Sounds like fun!

Here is another one :

and one more :

Lots of sites at this web address.

Knew I had purchased some at Staples or Office Land some time back. According to web site Staples still carries it or can special order it.

Paper Routes
404 Exposition Avenue
Dallas, TX 75226
Phone: 214-828-9494
Fax: 214-828-9440

Terri Noir owns this wonderful paper emporium, and if anyone on the planet can guide you to exactly what you want, she is the one! She has been "into" paper for decades, and her store has hundreds - maybe thousands - of specialty papers of all kinds.

You can buy parchment paper in the office supply stores. that will look pretty good.

If you're going to seal with wax, put another envelope over it because the post office might not accept it. It could gum up their machinery.


or u can put tea on the paper and burn some edges to look old
i did that for a project and it came out cool

go to a good printing shop and ask for parchment paper, they have it in more than one shade too.

What is a great website to create stationery?

What is a good website to make stationery for free? And what is a good website to make custom stationery for free? Thanks in advance.

This is one of the best sites for stationary and also envelopes

custom I can't help with

Where to get good quality stationery products in Bangalore at wholesale prices?

I want to open a retail shop in a small city which should store most of the stationery items available. How can I get good quality stationery products (school stationery) at wholesale prices. Please guide me.

In Bangalore you have check on the avenue road, chikpet and sultanpet for wholesale stationaries.
This is where all the retail stationay dealers purchase.
Wish you Good luck.

How do I go about selling stationery / greeting cards etc?

I am interested in designing & producing my own range of stationery including things such as greeting cards, invitations, correspondence cards etc and would like some information how to get into this. I already work for a design & printing company so actually producing my work is not a problem, I would like some information of the next step from there, how you make contacts, who you sell to etc.! Any advice please or your own experiences! Thanks

How to I get a stationery to stick?

I want to add a stationery background to emails I send out, but I cannot get the stationery to stay put. I have to recreate it every time I send out a new email.

If your using Outlook, I would suggest creating an HTML email. Once you create your HTML document do the following steps.

1. Save file as an HTML file
2. Move the file to C:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\stationery
3. Open Outlook
4. Go to Actions -> New Mail Message Using -> More Stationery...
5. Select the stationery you want (The name of your html file)

You will be able to edit this before you send it out. But it will load everything you need. Just remember, outlook formats the html wrong when you are composing. So if it looks funky don't worry about it it will fix itself when you send the message. Send it to yourself to make sure. Also, post your image files on a web host. This is the only way the images will show up.

If your lost at what I said, there are companies that will do this for you. is a good place to start. If your using this for work, or anything professional, you don't want it to look cheap, or cheesy. It is also custom done, so you really get your money's worth.

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